Dorothy Coe   with husband Kerry

Dorothy Coe with husband Kerry

Echoes opened in May 2006. It was the coming together of people and culture, and the product of the knowledge of its elders and directors.

That knowledge has been passed Master to Master for tens of thousand of years by custodians of ancient knowledge. Echoes is "an echo of ancient wisdom".

Founder Dorothy Coe says, "In the year 2000 I had a life-changing experience which has taken me on an amazing journey - Echoes began with a dream that lasted several days and nights.

Elder (Adj) Prof. Joan Winch AM.

Elder (Adj) Prof. Joan Winch AM.

The dream was shared her husband Kerry and fellow directors Professor Sensei Ramon Lawrence OAM and Elder (Adj) Professor Joan Winch AM. That shared vision, a manifestation of ancient healing knowledge became a reality.

One of our founding directors, Bob Randall, shares the story of his ancestors - in the beginning there was nothing but void, then came the first trace of vibration which was the beginning of all that is. The most ancient knowledge: all life is vibration.

"The most profound change has to happen in the hearts of those who wish to help. We will not be alone, other Australians will be by our side, and together we will make a difference. I believe we can walk into the future together and build a country where cultural diversity is respected and celebrated, where the future for our children can be very different from the past."
- Professor Joan Winch, Nyoongar Elder, The Last Word, 2000

Echoes founding director Tijilpi Bob Randall

Echoes founding director Tijilpi Bob Randall

All things vibrate to a specific resonance and human vibration is finely tuned to this.

As we journey through this life we all have times of hurt, sorrow, grief and other pain. Such pain is carried in mind and spirit and impacts physically if not balanced with equal love and celebration.  At a spiritual level we carry our pain for much longer because we have forgotten how to heal our spirit.

We also have physical experiences such as illness, injury or surgery and we suffer stress that causes tension. All these experiences affect us spiritually and impact how we vibrate. It affects how we live and all that is in our life.

So if our physical vibrations have many frequencies how do we tune our orchestra; our bodies? We match the sound of the string with the perfect note. By feeding harmony into a field of disharmony we harmonise the field. The knowledge of these harmonies has been carried through the years by Custodians of Knowledge. Echoes Directors and Elders are spiritually attuned and understand our connectivity to all things.

Professor Sensei Ramon Lawrence OAM receives his OAM from the Governor of Western Australia (General) Sir Zelman Cowan

Professor Sensei Ramon Lawrence OAM receives his OAM from the Governor of Western Australia (General) Sir Zelman Cowan

At Echoes we practice ancient arts of healing by balancing our vibrations. To do this we use heavy vibration instruments such as gongs, didgeridoo's and crystal bowls. As we experience total and deep peace in body and mind, our spirit will soar.

At all times "spirit impacts physical" and in a place of deep peace we can relinquish control of body and mind and allow our spirit to heal and for well-being to return. Body, mind and spirit return to oneness. It is a powerful and empowering experience.