What to expect ...

Welcome to Echoes.

Your sound session will be held in our dedicated sound chamber. Every part of this design serves a purpose, the walls reflect the sounds to allow you to be encapsulated and saturated with the gentle vibrations issued, the lighting will be softened to allow a starry canopy overhead, beds are laid for comfort as well as skeletal support and protection of any potential pressure points.

It’s very helpful to understand this process and we encourage you to read this information.

 Sound and vibration cannot be separated, and in this case are interdependent with water. Your body is more water than any other matter and as sound penetrates your body it is up-taken in your body water and carried through you. Consider the distribution of water in your body, this simple indicator will show you. When we drop a pebble in a pond it causes a ripple effect, as sound carries through your body this ripple effect will gently massage and cleanse every cell in your body. Consider the value of each cell in your heart (or any other organ) being gently cleansed and massaged, releasing any tension and allowing the perpetual motion of your body organs to be in harmony and working with no stress. Notice the water content of your blood – 83%, the sounds we issue will move through every blood vessel, capillary and artery in your body, cleansing and impelling your blood to every part of your body. It is not unusual for our guests to experience “tingling” sensations, predominantly in hands, feet and face as blood is delivered to the tips of the nerve endings.

Notice too the content of water in your muscles, a whopping 75%. Echoes system allows every cell, right through to the deepest cellular level to be massaged; releasing any stress your muscles may be holding. You will quickly experience entrainment with the sound (sound penetrates matter and this is when the sound has penetrated your body), at this point you will usually cease to be aware of the sound. As the sounds and vibrations move through your body you will begin to feel extremely relaxed, your levels of relaxation will move through brain wave regions carrying you from your “eyes open” Beta consciousness through Alpha, Theta and Delta. Never underestimate the value of this level of peace to your health and wellness.

Your session will begin with a brief process of breathing and stretching. We will guide you through a process of qui gong breathing combined with Aromatherapy. When this is done we will invite you to lay down, cushions, bolsters and other supports are provided to ensure you have correct skeletal support and any potential pressure points are supported (as you become deeply relaxed your body is also relaxed and movement is unusual, correct support is important).

When we are sure everyone is comfortable and correctly positioned we will dim the lights and guide you through stretching. We will stretch seven muscle groups 3 times each in conjunction with our breathing. Whilst the qui gong breathing will centre your energies and begin to establish a harmony within your body that we will support throughout your session, the process of stretching to relax muscles is important as the Echoes system works to encourage your energy to flow efficiently through your body, energy doesn’t flow well through tense muscles.

The combination of breathing and stretching is all we ask you to do, from this time we do it all. As we begin the stretching process the lights are dimmed providing soft lighting from a starry canopy above and very soft lighting behind you. For this reason we ask you to observe our first safety request that you don’t get off your bed after the lights are dimmed for any reason without an escort.

Should you need to visit the bathroom please raise your hand and allow us to escort you safely to the door, we are familiar with any potential trip hazards and our Every session has a minimum of three crystal singing bowls and three gongs, many sessions have didgeridoo throughout and others include a full set of crystal singing bowls as well as matching and finely tuned wind pipe chimes.

Each session also begins with a cleansing – before we fill your body with sound/vibration, we will hold a small gong to each persons feet and strike it three times to allow spirals of energy to move through your energy field, this is your own vibration field – sometimes referred to as our Aura, also known as your electro magnetic field. We in fact magnetically draw pollution and contaminants through this field, consider airborne virus and bacteria, ionic activity from cell phones, neon lights, computers, microwaves etc., and the vibration we cast through this field is heavier than your own and therefore allows for a gentle cleansing.

Whilst this is happening our major symphonic gong will slowly build to a rumble gently entraining you with the sounds and preparing you for the gong session. From here the gong session will open with a blessing delivered from two symphonic gongs, this leads into sustained rhythm and harmonies, as harmonies build and are maintained the hand held gong will be swept over and across you throughout the duration of the session.

As we draw to a close we will begin to heighten your awareness and bring you back to present time very gently. We will lower the sounds before we break harmony and introduce a different harmony with our closing blessing, at a cellular level you will become aware of the changes and your body will begin its awakening.

Most sessions close with a crystal singing bowl being sounded and every session provides last sounds from a finely tuned chime. The chime we use is of a high vibration, a total contrast to the deeper vibrations you have bathed in for the past hour, this will stimulate awakening very safely and gently. As you awaken you will be aware of the lights gently lifting and the sounds of birds singing. You will be totally cleansed to the deepest cellular level, totally refreshed and completely relaxed. Your safety is our first concern. Echoes provides a safe environment and a safe experience as we deliver a highly structured and disciplined process.

Our staff members are all qualified to deliver and continue their training through to Cert IV Echoes Sound and Vibration Therapy before moving into Diploma levels. Our training course is accredited as Complimentary Medicine.

Level of participation

We also run a loose participation program, or seniority program which goes along the following lines;

  • Entry Level / Level 1 - Here  is where the journey begins, we say you will have experienced Echoes when you've done 3 sessions within about a month, we also recommend you begin your sound journey with Pure Gong, Didge Connect or Crystal Spiral sessions.
  • Level 2 - represents most of our regular guests, people who know us, know what our objectives are and recognise the value they receive from Echoes sound healing sessions. These guests participate in almost all events.
  • Level 3 - is people we recognise as energy "Givers", these are often invited to participate with us in session that require intent for any given reason. Our Givers participate in "by invitation" sessions and ceremonies.
  • Level 4 - Our wonderful team of "Healers". These people are well known to us and have completed Echoes workshops (all information from our accredited training), they have shown competency in leading crystal spiral sessions and are available to work with us in our sound chamber where we have a special healing intent for a specific healing or purpose. Our Healers also work with us as we all volunteer our services taking crystal bowls, gongs and didgeridoo to places such as hospices, cancer treatment camps and other community support programs. Our Healers regularly participate in ceremonies. 

We say it's a loose program because people will and do "show up" differently to us all the time, so this is a basic guide of how we tend consider our clients

Please be on time to avoid disappointment, once the session has begun it will not be disturbed to allow late comers into the sound chamber


  • We are currently developing a new timetable to satisfy customer requests - Please note that we require a minimum of 7 people for the session to go ahead. If we don't reach 7 people we will offer a full refund or the option to reschedule to an alternative time

  • For a full refund cancellation must be made a full 48 hours prior to the session (via telephone or email) - For example: if you have a ticket for 11:00 am session on Saturday you must notify us by 11:00 AM on Thursday for a full refund.

  • For a 50% refund cancellation must be made a full 24 hours prior to the session

  • There is no refund if cancellation is made within 24 hours