Satori Sound Chamber Inside

The Experience

It's safe, effortless and we will bathe you in gentle vibrations taking you in to a deep meditative state. Your experience takes place in our dedicated Sound Chamber - a comfortable and purpose-built environment that reflects the sounds off 16 paneled surfaces. Your Satori experience does not involve any touch, ingestion or injection, what it does do is empower your body to do its own work.

Your session begins with a guided process of qi gong breathing combined with aromatherapy. We then invite you to lay down, supported by cushions, bolsters and other supports  to ensure correct skeletal support.

When we're sure everyone's comfortable and correctly positioned we dim the lights and guide you through some gentle stretching to relax the muscles - energy doesn’t flow well through tense muscles.

At the start of each session we will cleanse your energetic field / aura with a hand-held symphonic gong  struck at your feet three times, allowing spirals of energy to move over and around your body. These vibrations are heavier than your own and provide a gentle cleansing.

While this is happening our major symphonic gong will slowly build to a rumble, gently entraining  you with the sounds and preparing you for the gong session. Sound is slowly lifted as we introduce two symphonic gongs; delivering sustained rhythm and harmonies. These will build and hold as we introduce the third hand-held gong which will be swept over and across you throughout the session.

As the sounds and vibrations move through your body you will begin to feel extremely relaxed, your levels of relaxation will move through brain wave ranges carrying you from “eyes open” beta consciousness through alpha, theta and delta states. The sounds will move through every cell, cleansing and impelling blood to every part of your body. It is not unusual for people to experience “tingling” sensations in hands and feet as blood is delivered to the tips of the nerve endings.

As we draw to a close we heighten your awareness and bring you back to present time very gently. We will soften the sounds before we break harmony - you will become aware of the changes and your body will begin its awakening.

Most sessions close with the sounding of a crystal singing bowl and our last sounds emanate from a finely tuned chime which contrasts with the deeper vibrations you have bathed in for the past hour. This will safely and gently stimulate your awakening and bring you back to present time . As the lights lift, you'll hear the sounds of birds singing. You will be cleansed at the deepest cellular level, feel totally refreshed and relaxed.