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Chakras and Crystal Singing Bowl Workshop

  • Satori Sounds & Training 459 Nicholson Road Canning Vale, WA, 6155 Australia (map)

Satori Sounds and Training

Chakras and Crystal Singing Bowls Workshop

This weekend workshop focuses on understanding the function of Chakras and the use of Crystal Singing Bowls. We will look at the ages of development of the chakra system, vibrational medicine which includes colour, aromatherapy, light, and crystal singing bowls. If you are a practitioner or wish to be, this is the workshop for you. This workshop includes a Crystal Spiral Sound Circle in our Sound Chamber

Our chakra system develops in line with and supporting our physical development.  As we look through these years of development it’s time to do a quick review of your life, take notes through this time and record anything that may have impacted you as a given chakra is developing.  As we move through all seven chakras and their years of development you will see your own picture unfold and know how to correct any imbalance.

You will gain knowledge of how your chakra system can impact your own body or that of your client.  If you’re working with singing bowls you might need two or three to balance a given chakra, here you will understand which notes you may need to use and how to utilise additional support of other sound and vibrational tools.

We will break for lunch at Ramon’s Restaurant before we come back to our training room which will be set up to utilise the chakra wall.  Our training room is created with a wall of colour for this purpose.  You will now experience giving and receiving a chakra balance and alignment using seven crystal singing bowls, colour, light, aromatherapy and affirmation.  This is a very powerful process and you can expect significant outcomes.  As we work through this, many past experiences are unlocked and can be dealt with.  By the end of this day you will feel much lighter, refreshed and charged with energy.

This workshop also focuses on Crystal Singing Bowls, you will receive instruction on how to use bowls and also which bowls you may need to use for a particular purpose.  We will finish the workshop with a Crystal Spiral Sound Circle, held within our Sound Chamber. This will give you another opportunity to practice working with Crystal Singing Bowls.

This workshop never fails to amaze me as it unlocks potentials within each of us!

Cost is $350 including lunches and Crystal Spiral Sound Circle.

Payment can be made to:

Ramondo Pty Ltd (Trading as Satori Training)

Satori Training

BSB:  016 318

Account No: 5272 88151

*Please Note you name on your payment for identification.

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