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Sound and Vibration Therapy Training, Shodan - Level 1 Black Belt, 1st Dan.

  • Satori Training Willow Pond, 459 Nicholson Road Canning Vale, Western Australia, 6155 Australia (map)
Satori Training Sound and Vibration Therapy Training, Shodan - Level 1 Black Belt, 1st Dan, The Art of Sound

Shodan Training

Sound and Vibrational Therapy Training

The Art of Sound

Shodan Training - Level 1 Black Belt, 1st Dan

Shodan is the first level of Sound and Vibrational Therapy Training/The Art of Sound. Shodan training will take 6 - 12 months depending on your commitment (Satori Training will allow 2 years to compete this). Training will be delivered in a workshop environment plus practical training, practical experience working in our Sound Chamber contributing to our Sound Sessions and participation in Crystal Spiral Sound Circles. Throughout our workshop times, meals will be provided and tea/coffee will flow to keep us focused and energised. Ongoing practical training times will be flexible and operated in daytime and evening hours.

The Shodan Training Program will commence with your first two day workshop on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March 2019. A further two day workshop will be confirmed at a later date.

Here is where the training becomes serious.  Shodan is the first step in formal training, it is delivered within the discipline of Martial Arts.

Shodan begins with a two day workshop to cover relevant units of competency, these are; Work Safely in a Sound and Vibration Sound Chamber Environment; Participate in Sound and Vibration Therapy Sessions; Contribute to Supervised Sound and Vibration Therapy Sessions and Use and Sustain Singing Bowls.  This workshop delivers the knowledge of safety in the Sound Chamber environment and understanding your own bio mechanics combined with safe handling as you prepare to learn the instruments.

Our early training gives emphasis to the foundations to deliver Sound and Vibrational Therapy,  i.e., technique, body balance, timing, mallet control and safety (for both yourself and your client).  We also have a strong Theory component which has been built using the units of our Accredited Training Program.  ‘

Shodan also includes Chakra training, our second workshop is devoted to this, here you develop a strong understanding and will give and receive Chakra balance and alignment.  You will also participate in 10 Crystal Spiral Sound Circles incorporating 14 crystal singing bowls woven with tubular bells and gongs.

Workshop 1: (2 days over a weekend)

  • Introduction and Induction

  • Understand Sound

  • Safe Handling

  • Bio Mechanics

  • Speed of Sound - Particularly through the body

  • Seven sounds – Harmful and Healing

  • Introduction to Gongs and Crystal Singing Bowls

Workshop 2: (2 days over a weekend)

  • Identify and understand Chakras

  • Ages of development

  • Combination treatments

  • Sound tools

  • Working with infants

  • Working with aged

  • Participation in Crystal Spiral Sound Circle

Training Sessions

At present our training days are Wednesday and Friday, we have several levels and each receives a different level of training. Shodan training focuses on several areas:

  • Safe handling

  • Posture

  • Sound colour

  • Mallet control

  • Timing

Physical training cannot commence prior to the Introduction/Induction Workshop has been completed.

Other Requirements:

  1. Participate in 10 Crystal Spiral Sound Circles (these are operated by Satori Sounds, the cost is $35 each and is pay as you go).

    It is a requirement that you complete no less than 10 Crystal Spiral Sound Circles. In this process we are able to assess your leadership as well as technical delivery. This is a big learning process as you personally experience the power of crystal sounds working 14 pure quartz crystal singing bowls and tubular bells. *This is not included in cost of the Shodan Training and is an additional cost to you.

  2. 10 training sessions guided by qualified Satori Trainers.

  3. Participate in a minimum of three Sound Sessions playing wind gong. You are required to participate in three public Sound and Vibration Therapy Sessions; these will be guided and monitored by qualified trainers. Here you will have first hand experience putting into practice your training whilst you observe and share in the experience you are delivering to real clients.

  4. Training Record; A Log Book is required to be kept by you to record your workshops, practical training, participation in Crystal Spiral Sound Circles and Sound Sessions. Your Log book needs to be viewed and signed off by your Satori Trainer, your Log Book will become a part of your final assesment.

When all requirements of Shodan training are complete you will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion for Shodan (first Dan) plus a Black Belt and have entry to Nidan (2nd Dan). Certificates as well as Black Belts will be awarded at a special Graduation and Presentation Dinner (to be advised at a later date). Please note there will be an additional cost to attend the Graduation Dinner. Certificates and Black Belts will only be awarded at this event.

Shodan is the minimum requirement for working in our Sound Chamber, all Satori staff have minimum qualification of Black Belt.  If you choose to do Shodan and are interested in part time work with us, please let us know and we can better prepare you for this.  


The cost of the Shodan Program - Level 1 Black Belt, 1st Dan is $2,120. Payment is required by Friday 8th of March 2019 in order to process your registration prior to the commencement of training. Cost includes workshops (including meals); trainers/assessors; 10 practical training sessions and workbooks. **If you have recently completed our Introduction to Sound Healing workshop, the cost of this is deducted from Shodan.

Payment is to be made to:

Ramondo Pty Ltd (T/A Satori Training)

Account Name: Satori Training

BSB: 016-318

Account No: 5272-88151

Please note your name on deposits so we can identify you.

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