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Introduction to Sound Healing - Perth


The Academy of Ancient Wisdoms together with Echoes offers a weekend workshop “Introduction to Sound Healing”

Date:            Saturday 19th and Sunday 19th March 2017

                     Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June

                     Saturday  9th and Sunday 10th September

Venue:          Willow Pond – Brodie Room and

                    Echoes – Sound Chamber 

Time:            1pm - 9pm Saturday and 11am – 9pm Sunday

                    Afternoon tea and dinner at Ramon’s Restaurant will be provided both                     days as well as a light lunch on Sunday.

The workshop will be facilitated by Sensei Ramon Lawrence and Gong Master Dorothy Coe.  Each day will focus on a different discipline within Sound Healing.

Our sessions will begin at 1pm in the Brodie Room at Willow Pond – gongs, mallets, bowls and drums will be provided.  We will begin by developing an understanding of how sound works in the human body, what sounds will heal and what sounds will harm, how to safely deliver sound as therapy and how different sounds will impact different parts of the body. You will learn safe handling of gongs, correct mallet techniques, (using a wide range of mallets), bio-mechanics and ergonomics.

Saturday afternoon we will be learning about the science of sound healing with attention to sound frequencies within the body.  We will be working with gongs as we practice and experience depths of sound and how this can impact body mind and spirit.  This is a restorative and healing art that must work in harmony with the body and nature. Technique and harmony will be the basis of this workshop day and the essential components will be learning and fun.  We will do our first sound circle here.

After dinner we will move into the Echoes Sound Chamber and all participants will work with all the gongs gaining first hand experience delivering sound healing.

Sunday is chakra and singing bowl day.  This day will begin in our sound chamber at 11am where you will receive a didgeridoo and gong sound session to prepare you for the day, a light lunch will be provided before we spend the afternoon learning about the chakras and their functions within our body.  Each participant will experience ‘tuning’ by both delivering and receiving the effects of a full set of finely tuned practitioner singing bowls combined with colour therapy.  Some focus will be given to the combination of colour therapy within chakra tuning.

Following dinner in Ramon’s Restaurant we will once again move into the Echoes sound chamber where we will combine our chakra bowls with a full set (maybe two sets) of crystal singing bowls.  Echoes sound chamber is a purpose built structure designed to carry sound and provides a perfect environment for the very special experience we will share here. 

The most powerful delivery of singing bowls is a “crystal spiral”, this can only happen in the correct environment, our sound chamber has been architect designed to accommodate such events and allows perfectly for a “Sound Spiral”.   Each person will address each of the crystal singing bowls woven with finely tuned charka chimes as we spiral all the sounds.  This is a powerful process that will absolutely activate all chakras and will lift each participant to their higher potentials.

Each participant will gain hands on experience with a range of gongs from a Major Symphonic through to hand held wind gongs, crystal singing bowls, chakra bowls, chakra chimes and a variety of drums. 

At 5pm each day we will break for a meal in Ramon’s Restaurant (provided) and from 6pm to 9pm we will be working in Echoes sound chamber.

Places are strictly limited to a small group (this allows each person access to all the instruments) so please book early to confirm your place.

Cost   $450 Per person

 Please deposit payment to:\Ramondo Pty Ltd trading as

Academy of Ancient Wisdoms

BSB              016 318

Account No   5272 88151

cost $450