If you're looking for a career in a growth industry that makes a real difference to people's physical and mental health, consider becoming certified by Australia's leading sound meditation centre. You can do this with a view to becoming part of our team as we expand across the world. 


Your journey begins once you have experienced three sessions within a month. We recommend you begin your sound journey with Pure Gong, Didge Connect or Crystal Spiral sessions.


You will understand our objectives and the benefits, values and limitations of an Echoes sound meditation session. You will have participated in most of our events.


You're a recognised "energy giver" and will have participated with us in at least one session that requires intent for a given reason. You will have attended invitation-only sessions and ceremonies.



You'll be on our wonderful team of "healers". You will have completed Echoes workshops and have done full accreditationtraining. You'll be competent leading crystal spiral sessions and sessions with a specific healing intent. Healers regularly participate in ceremonies and volunteer to share our work with hospices, cancer treatment camps and other community support programs.