I was very impressed from the minute I attended with helpful and caring staff. I was not there to treat illness, rather deal with increasing stress and anxiety from my day to day life.  When the session started, I quickly found myself extremely calm, comfortable and very relaxed. My mind emptied of thoughts and I felt at peace. Shutting off the noise in my mind helped me increase my clarity of thinking, peace of mind and reduced the sense of urgency in attending to small insignificant matters. My body felt relaxed, my mind at peace and minor issues did not occupy my energy and bring my down. 

Attending the numerous sessions assists in stress management, higher sales and focus in my work and a healthier immune system to keep me happy and healthy.

I have no problem recommending Echoes to anyone. RR – Canning Vale

I was diagnosed with MS nine years ago. Just over three years ago I had another relapse which gave me further nerve damage, resulting in difficulty in walking, communicating, balance, and fatigue. Recently in August 2013 I had a reaction to my medication which resulted in the loss of usage of my right leg, and numbness on my right side of the body.

I have found attending these sound healing sessions at Echoes to be very therapeutic. I feel totally at peace in a meditative state and my body and mind become fully relaxed. During this time the vibration of the sound is working through my body and reaching those areas that require stimulation such as the nerves and blood vessels therefore relaxing the muscles. Attending these sessions on a regular basis have helped me manage my fatigue giving me more energy and strength. As a result of feeling more energetic I experience less pain, less muscle fatigue and my body and mind feel at peace. My overall wellbeing has improved due to the benefits of this Sound Healing.

A very big Thank You to Echoes!                                      EC-Kenwick

My Echoes sessions provide such deep peace I become unaware of any sound or movement, to the point of not hearing the three gongs being played in a sound chamber.  Echoes provides for me a place where physical manifestations of stress are released and the debris is washed away.  The depth of peace I achieve here sometimes makes me feel heavily anchored to the bed beneath me and other times weightless and floating, I commonly feel tingling in extremities and twitching and movements in muscles through my sessions.

Echoes improves my quality of life greatly, I have a very demanding and challenging job and my sessions at Echoes allow me to leave all behind in a time and place where I can recharge.  I attribute my calmness and ability to deal with enormous pressures to being able to cleanse and release stress here.  It allows me to retain my mental strength and to push my boundaries at all times and without fear.  I consider Echoes to be my safety zone, my recharge station, a place that allows me to turn my focus to important things and a place where I can let go of anything that may hold me down or trouble me.

I recognised my response to this system on my first visit to Echoes and am now close to 200 sessions, a continuing journey of evolution providing me incredible personal development and at all times leaving me with total peace.                                              JZ-Nedlands




My husband has both physical and mental illness which is very difficult and stressful for me and my family.  I have also had two surgeries in the past 2 years, hip replacement and removal of a large portion of major intestine.

Over the years I have been attending Echoes the first response I had was one of absolute peace, a peace I had never known before this time.

I have made Echoes part of my life management program and can honestly say that without this I don’t believe I would still be living.  As I have come to know the value of Echoes sessions for my body I have continued to use this as a part of my healing after surgeries.  My body has responded well beyond the expectations of my medical team.  I continue to attend Echoes sessions to maintain the emotional balances as well as the physical reinforcement that I need to cope with my daily life.                                         SV – Byford

For several years now I have experienced severe pain in my left foot and ankle both day and night as a result of Post Polio Syndrome.  On removing my calliper and shoe during the evening, my foot becomes totally unsupported and drops downwards causing excruciating pain, at times the pain is so severe that I have been reduced to tears.

Knowing my condition was affecting my quality of life a close friend suggested I attend a sound therapy session with Echoes to help with pain management.  I was however very sceptical, but with my friends persuasion, decided to “give it a go” and I’m very happy I did.  I have attended at Echoes for three sessions and am delighted that the pain has reduced significantly.  I am no longer in severe pain and am able to sleep without waking several times during the night.                                                                                           CR - South Australia

I started attending Echoes several months after breaking my leg which due to osteoporosis was taking a long time to heal and was still very painful and life restricting. My husband had also recently died and my sleep patterns were abysmal.

Echoes assisted my healing firstly by allowing my body to relax and realign itself. Secondly, over a number of sessions, I was able to release deep seated grief in a safe and non destructive manner.                 KL – Thornlie


I am a contract Project/Construction Manager in the construction of Mining Infrastructure both above and underground facilities, Liquified Natural Gas and Chemical Plants in remote areas of Australia

I do a minimum roster of 4 weeks on site working a minimum of 11 hour a day, 13 days a fortnight with 1 week RYR.  The hours and the responsibilities for the safety, schedule and in some cases a variety of contractors ranging from Civil/Concrete, Mechanical, Piping and Electrical can become stressful and requires an outlet from the stress and a medium to allow me to clear my mind and relax.

I achieve this by visiting the Echoes facility in Canning Vale as soon as I can when arriving home.  I find that after a session at Echoes I have relaxed and am able to enjoy my R&R.  I firmly believe that my regular visits to Echoes and regular exercise allow me to maintain my health and keep a high level of focus enabling me to continue and be successful in my profession.                                                                               KC- Canning Vale

I have been going to Echoes for over 3 years now and have been attending their Gong and Crystal Bowl Sessions as well as the Gong and Didgeridoo Sessions.

The whole experience is very relaxing and I go into a state of peace that is hard to find in today’s busy world.

However as I do quite a lot of international travel I found that one of the main benefits for me is to have a session as soon as I can on my return to Australia and following this my Jet Lag is greatly reduced, I find it much easier to adjust to the time difference and sleep well waking up in the morning on “Australian time”                                                                                             LT – London