Pure Gong



Pure Gong employs three crystal singing bowls and three gongs. Sessions begin with guided Qi Gong circular breathing followed by gentle stretching and relaxing of muscle groups.  As the cleansing vibrations entrain your physical body, sustained harmonies of three gongs carry you into “time of no time” - a timeless place of deep peace. Your whole body – every muscle and every organ - is relaxed,  allowing your body to balance naturally.

Cost: $40 





DidgeConnect is a Pure Gong Session interwoven with didgeridoo. This session employs three gongs, three crystal singing bowls and didgeridoo throughout. Didgeridoo has a special place and purpose in our session, the combination of gongs and didgeridoo bring together East and West with these ancient instruments.

The combined vibrations of gongs and didgeridoo add another dimension to your depth of peace. These are the sounds of the ancients employed to empower wellness. As you melt into the sounds of gongs and didgeridoo you will come to a perfect place of deep and timeless peace whilst the vibrations cleanse and soothe every muscle, organ and cell in the body. The spirit soars...

Cost: $55

Lunar Sessions


Lunar Sessions FULL MOON and NEW MOON

Many of our regulars report that sound sessions on a full moon or a new moon deliver a more heightened experience than at other times.

The new moon represents new beginnings, optimism, hope and faith. It is the perfect time to put your unwanted memories in the past and create a new intention that you wish to manifest.

To prepare the way, we begin our session with a complete and full chakra alignment employing seven crystal singing bowls accompanied by seven finely tuned tubular bells and woven with didgeridoo. As the alignment is complete our didgeridoo calls in the blessing of the gongs, leading to a full gong session accompanied by didgeridoo throughout. 

Cost: $75


Crystal Spiral Sound Circle


Crystal Spiral Sound Circle

What is a Crystal Spiral and is it for me? It's a sound & vibrational therapy session that incorporates a prayer circle, 14 crystal bowls and seven chakra chimes. During this session eight people play the crystal bowls and chakra chimes while up to seven people relax and receive.

These sessions include a full chakra balance and alignment within the sacred space of the sound chamber.

Choose to play the bowls for yourself or if you simply need some time to relax then the mat is for you. Don't worry if you've never played a crystal bowl before... we'll teach you in a few short minutes. You will be harmonising in no time.

Cost: $35

Special Session Hummer




One of our most powerful sessions and not for the inexperienced or faint-hearted.

The Hummer increases power to a much higher level. We begin our session with breathing and stretching, then sounds begins with seven crystal singing bowls spiralling and creating waves of crystal sound. Crystal energy fills the space and our didgeridoo team begin.

As the sounds lift and entrain your body we share a blessing between major and minor symphonic gongs. They then flow into harmonies and we introduce no less than three wind gongs, all synchronised and in harmony with the major gongs. Two didgeridoos accompany the wind gongs throughout the session. This session is a total experience!

**We recommend a few didgeridoo/gong sessions to train yourself before undertaking the Hummer experience.

Cost: $155


Special Session Super Didge



Super Didge


This is a unique experience!

Our didgeridoo team are traditional men who have cultural responsibility in their delivery. This session employs a minimum of three didgeridoos playing with support of our gong team.

We begin with breathing and stretching. Crystal singing bowls start the sound session with the note of the base chakra followed by the heart chakra. These make way for rolling harmonies of didgeridoo supported by three gongs.

Close your eyes and imagine the sounds of didgeridoos guiding you into a deep peace while feeding your spirit. Feel the vibrations move through your body as the strains of a pure crystal didgeridoo deliver crystal energy to every cell in the body. You will be carried into a timeless place of deep peace bringing you to a heightened awareness.

The intent of our didge team is the key to a profound experience. Here we have a mature team who know us as all body, mind and spirit . Gongs will work on your body and mind, while the didgeridoo team engage at a spirit level.

This session is delivered with sensitivity and cultural awareness. You won't be disappointed. 

Cost: $135

Special Session Package Satori Seven



Satori Seven

The Satori Seven is a graduated pathway which will develop body, mind and spirit harmony.

Satori – an opening of the mind and spirit which reveals the ultimate reality of beings and things. It is an alignment of self and universe that can result from an accumulation of knowledge or from a sudden experience.

It is a transformation of the very essence of thought. The experience of Satori is one of the major aims in Zen training.

Seven – a sacred number. Throughout the Bible and other sacred books the seven always stands in relation to the spiritual or mysterious God force. Seven days of creation, seven heavens, the seven spirits of God sent forth into the earth, Ezekiel speaks of the seven angels of the Lord. Seven devas of the Hindu belief, seven angels of the Chaldeans, seven Amschaspands of Persia, Seven Sephiroth of the Hebrew Kabbalah etc.

Four consecutive gong and didgeridoo sessions will cleanse spent energies, train your body to adjust to its correct balances and lay a foundation for sustainable spiritual growth.

Your fifth session gives emphasis to chakra alignment employing seven crystal singing bowls, seven finely tuned wind pipes, three gongs and didgeridoo. 

Your sixth session is a Super Didge incorporating crystal singing bowls, symphonic gongs and three didgeridoo.

Your seventh session a Hummer incorporating incorporating crystal singing bowls, symphonic gongs, wind gongs and two didgeridoo.

This is a powerful pathway to complete wellness of body, mind and spirit. If you wish to take this to its highest potential you should also participate in crystal spirals throughout the Satori Seven to ensure balance and energy flow of every chakra.

The Satori Seven package includes:

  • 4 x DidgeConnect Sessions 
  • 1 x New or Full Moon Lunar Session 
  • 1 x Super Didge Session
  • 1 x Hummer

** Each chakra aligns to corresponding colour and note, these are enhanced with the use of essential oils appropriate to that chakra. Our Satori Seven package includes colours and essential oils to match each chakra. You will be shown how to use these to the best advantage.

Special Session Absolute




This is our most powerful session. Reserved for Ceremony and very special occasions where we bring together the entire Echoes team. We increase the gong team to 6 and the didgeridoo team to three. This is not a session for the faint hearted.

Cost: $175


Please keep an eye out for our newsletter or Facebook for these special events.


  • Please be early to avoid disappointment. Once the doors close you will not be able to access the Sound Chamber. 

  • We require a minimum of seven people for the session to go ahead. If we don't reach seven we will offer a full refund or the option to reschedule.

  • For a full refund, cancellation must be made a full 48 hours prior to the session (via telephone or email) - For example: if you have a ticket for 11:00 am session on Saturday you must notify us by 11:00 AM on Thursday for a full refund.

  • For a 50% refund, cancellation must be made a full 24 hours prior to the session.

  • There is no refund if a cancellation is made within 24 hours prior to the session.