There are many ways we can explain what we do. It depends a little on how you experience the world: 

Are you "right brain" or "left brain"? Do numbers or emotions make more sense to you?


The first and most important outcome we expect you to gain from your Echoes session is a deeper level of peace than is usual. Our objective is to transport you from your “eyes open” Beta consciousness through the brain wave range of Beta – Alpha – Theta and hold you in Theta range for the duration of the session. 

As we “switch off” the physical being by allowing total peace we should be aware that every organ in our body is relaxed and working without resistance or stress, the mind comes to stillness, and the spirit soars!

Some results include:


Access your higher Self 

  • every life form vibrates
  • your vibration reflects your state of being
  • your personal vibration, sometimes recognised as your aura, is defined in science as an electro-magnetic field
  • the human body is composed of different levels of vibration, or energy systems 
  • considering the physical, emotional and spiritual being - bodymind and spirit
  • lower vibrations are associated with dis-empowering negative emotions, poor health and limited spiritual awareness
  • higher vibrations are associated with empowering thoughts, positive emotions, good health and spiritual awareness
  • as you raise your vibrations you will naturally attract more positive empowering experiences, enjoy better health and attract a happier, more positive life experience
  • like attracts like! your higher vibrations will attract all that is necessay for you to live your higher potentials

Experience True Creativity

  • this, you'll have to experience this for yourself
  • as you enter the deep meditative state of Theta brainwave range, you'll experience a special, if maybe strange, space where coming from nothing, many guests report having epiphanies and true creative thoughts
  • maybe you need that new perspective on things?

Acknowledge and Connect with the land

  • echoes recognises and upholds the culture of Noongar people who are the traditional owners of he land we are on
  • echoes founding directors Elder Bob Randall, custodian of Uluru and Assoc. Prof. Joan Winch have been major contributors to our knowledge
  • echoes is built on a Sacred Site declared by our Supreme Court in 1986
  • the land itself has amazing healing power, come and connect with Mother Earth and absorb some of the beautiful healing power of the land

Complementary Medicine

  • whilst Alternative Medicines may replace medically prescribed treatments, complimentary medicine works with medical treatments to better empower them through your deeper levels of peace and relaxation
  • during your Echoes session you will experience "timeless" relaxation and peace
  • you will come to Theta brain wave range ensuring deep peace
  • as you relinquish your control over your body, your body will make natural adjustments 
  • medications are more readily up-taken and integrated where there is no resistance 

Trauma Release

  • research shows that  we hold trauma (whether real or perceived) in more than just our mind
  • at this stage we are not sure if it's the sound vibration, the deep peace Theta stage relaxation or the spiritual realignment work
  • but we have been getting great results having people release stored past traumas, where they are stored and how we are getting these results may need some more research

Deep Peace and Relaxation

  • this you'll have to come to experience
  • our guests report  recognition of "deep" peace and relaxation
  • echoes system carries each person through varying ranges of brain wave activity beginning at eyes open Beta consiousness, into the relaxe state of Alpha brain wave activity through to Theta - a deep state of meditative peace
  • 20 minutes of Theta brainwave activity has more power in your body that 6 hours deep and dreamless sleep. This is a timeless place of deep peace


  • as Sound/vibration bathe every cell in your body any toxins stored at any level are released 
  • it is important to drink a lot more water than usual in the week following your session to flush away and cleanse toxins from the body
  • To assist efficient detox consider buying a pack of herbal foot patches. These are applied to the soles of the feet and work as we sleep.


Spiritual Awakening / Alignment

  • we are made of Body, Mind and Spirit - in this day and age occasionally need a wee push to reconnect all three
  • Didgeridoo is a traditional medicine instrument, Echoes didgeridoo team are traditional men who bring knowledge and talent with their gift of sound as they issue the call to awaken and feed the spirit
  • Many clients report the experience of “jumping” when the didgeridoo is played over them; we call this “a leap in spirit”. To experience a leap in spirit is a powerful experience that brings us to a more focused and balanced place amplifying sheer joy.
  • causing a state of one-ness of body mind and spirit.


  • as our Echoes system takes you to "time of no time" you will experience the deepest peace you have ever known, it's important to realise that as you pass through levels of brain wave activity, every organ, muscle and cell in your body is massaged, soothed and rejuvenated
  • did you know that 20 minutes of Theta brain wave activity adds more power to your body than 6 hours deep and dreamless sleep? We aim to provide you double this and so much more
  • One of the big outcomes of the Echoes system is in our blood. Our blood is 83% water, as sound/vibration course through your body it is impelled through your blood cleansing every capillary, artery and blood vessel in the body and impelling your blood to serve every of your body. The last part of your body to receive adequate blood supply is the tips of the nerve endings - primarily in the hands, feet and face. As blood supply is delivered to nerve endings it can cause tingling sensations much like pins and needles. Interestingly, this only happens on a first visit unless there has been a recent injury or surgical intervention if so you are very likely to experience tingling in this area.