One on One Private Sessions with Dorothy

Over the years many people have asked if I would do one on one healing work with them, unfortunately this was not possible for me to offer due to my commitments and the time required.  By now you would know that Matt is delivering our beautiful sound sessions, reaching out to so many people and continuing the work that I’ve started. This has allowed for me to enjoy semi-retirement, spend valuable time with my husband and family, whilst keeping my hand on the gongs providing Master Sessions and now to be able to work one on one.

I have previously done this specialized work with a number of people where there have been serious issues to be released with huge success.  I now feel the time is right for me to do more of this specialized work.

One on One work requires a full hour and half per session, sometimes up to two hours.  It is about connecting with your spirit to deal with very deep issues (often these are held in cellular memory) which need to be released to realign your vibrations and to return them to a healthy balance.

I’ve been working with Sound and Vibration for 20 years now, during this time I’ve accumulated many well recognized qualifications including a Diploma in Sound and Vibration Therapy, 7th Dan Master of Gong in the discipline of Martial Arts as well as other professional recognition.  I’m excited to now be able to do the work I’ve spent so long learning and coming to know well.

If you feel you would benefit from one on one healing sessions please email me or call on 9456 3023.  Bookings are available from Wednesday to Sunday. 

One on One with Dorothy Coe