SATORI - the beginning of enlightenment

Welcome Satori

We’re never too old to learn or have new adventures!  Satori is now born to new learning and adventures.

Saturday 1st July was opening day for Satori Sounds.  We have gone a long journey to here.  When we began Echoes in 2006, our intent was to develop and share the “ancient” wisdoms of Sound and Vibration therapy.  We have given eleven years to research and development of an ancient and effective series of sounds, our sound chamber is purpose built to accommodate these sounds.

Through this time I have been fortunate to have learnt from Masters and those qualified to help me develop technique, skills and most of all knowledge, they are Professors, Scientists and Elders. 

Echoes was raised by some outstanding Directors and I am forever grateful to them for their love and wisdom, each of our Directors are amazing teachers with high knowledge and strong spirits. They have openly shared their knowledge and wisdom with me and with many who have attended events here such as “The Samurai and the Songman” where our Elder/Director Bob Randall (dec) who was a tribal Songman and Custodian of Uluru together with Grand Master Sensei Ramon Lawrence OAM shared spiritual as well as practical knowledge with us all.  Another of our Elders (Adj) Professor Joan Winch AM has been a shining light guiding us through her knowledge of sound and of vibration.  Words could never express the love and gratitude we feel for them.

Echoes held its doors open to scrutiny since its inception and it has grown through a time when most people had never heard of, nor had any understanding of the power of sound as a healing tool.  Satori Sounds will continue to hold its doors open to any qualified research.

Many people are asking why we have now made these changes, maybe I can share a little of the motivation to change.  2017 has been a challenging year for so many of us and my family has not been exempt from challenge.  We’ve had a serious and challenging illness to deal with which has made me feel like I want to just go home and look after my family, not at all practical as my sons all have wonderful wives and I respect their space, but mums tend to worry anyway. 

Whilst we’ve been dealing with personal issues there were two things that bought me to the point of considering closing the doors for good, one was a nasty burglary that came so close to closing us down, we sustained big losses and sadly a great deal of damage.  Echoes as a small business could not sustain these losses and costs.  The second has been an overly excessive (800%) increase in the cost of running our Registered Training Organisation.  This price rise is not something we are able to do as the costs to clients would be too high.

So, at my lowest point since beginning Echoes in 2006 I took it all to prayer and was told very clearly that “if you don’t like the way its happening, change the way you do it!”  I gave it all over and Satori was returned to me.

So many changes have been applied to bring about our transition from Echoes to Satori.  Our shop and offices have been re-designed and upgraded, our Quantum Resonance Crystal Light Sound bed has a new space and our sound chamber has also been painted and refitted.  Our sound chamber has been sanded back, re-painted, re-carpeted and a new lighting system installed.

Satori Sounds will continue to provide amazing sound sessions and will be managed by Matt Bolland.  Matt arrived at Echoes “spirit first” and has proven to be gifted with empathy and compassion which combined with his skill gives him a perfect foundation for Sound Healing.

The second entity of Satori is our training, Satori Training is also re-born, what was previously our Registered Training Organisation is now Satori Training teaching the Art of Sound Healing as a Martial Art discipline.

Satori Training is operated by Dorothy Coe (7th Dan Master of Gong) and Sensei Ramon Lawrence OAM, a Grand Master of several different Martial Arts.  Together we are the only qualified Trainers and Assessors of Sound and Vibration Therapy in Australasia.  Our training course has been accredited by Training and Accreditation Council WA and is now adapted to be a foundation of our Martial Art training program.

Beginning with Shodan (1st Dan) which delivers a Black Belt, we progress through levels of competence right up to Hachidan (8th Dan) the rank of a Grand Master.  High rank doesn’t happen quickly, serious rank requires serious commitment and this takes time. 

As we now become Satori Sounds and Satori Training, we bring to our guests a formally qualified process, accredited as Complimentary Medicine, with the power to take you beyond your conscious self, to empower your spirit and to bring healing energy to every cell in your body.

We would like to thank you all for your past support of Echoes and look forward to welcoming you to Satori.

Love and blessings from us all at Satori