• people say we are all one! We understand that on an intellectual level
  • how would you like to "get it" on an experiential level?
  • you can feel this at any of our sessions and in particular at the Crystal Spiral sessions 



  • stress is really really bad for you
  • come and re-boot 
  • leave your stress behind



  • a common question is “how often should/could I do this? The answer is simple, how often would you like to do it? 
  • ideally as you begin your alignment a series of 10 sessions spread over 10 weeks is a good beginning
  • this need not be every week; to begin you may take three sessions in a fortnight which would include different styles of session
  • you may also choose to take weekly sessions with an occasional lunar session as you go
  • as you progress you'll begin to experience an integration of body mind and spirit
  • you will become more aware of your surroundings an of those around you
  • you will begin to view the world and other people through the eyes of your higher self
  • regular sound bathing cleanses to very deep levels, not unlike the onion principle, consider cleansing vibrations moving through layers of your life experience and cleansing layer by layer, eventually you will come to the core of your being where many suppressed memories are stored. This deep cleansing is often challenging as it  will bring out negative emotions that have been buried for many years. The outcome of this is total release resulting in new levels of wellness and peac