Angel Sound Session 

Over the years Echoes has given free sound sessions to countless people in need and will continue to do so. Our aim is to provide an experience free of the illness, pain, grief, anxiety or fears that can impede healing. 

So many people have been able to cope with difficult life situations because of their two hours of respite. Can you imagine how you would cope if diagnosed with a life threatening illness that prevented you from working while you still carry a mortgage and have a family to support? The kindness of a stranger is very often the best medicine possible. Our aim is that no person in genuine need is ever denied our assistance because of hardship.

Often we receive calls from community leaders - members of parliament, clergy, local government officers and health care providers - asking if we can assist. As a small business we’re limited in the amount we can manage, however from time to time Echoes friends are kind enough to provide a session for someone in need. These are our Angels. Please contact us if you can help.