Satori Master Sessions

Satori Master Sessions

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Dorothy has delivered her last formal sessions for Echoes and Satori Sounds, with her final session being a very special one.  This was a wonderful session granting us “poetic license” and allowing us to step out of the confines of our usual delivery to go within and work from Spirit.  Here Dorothy was able to freely express herself and give from her spirit to the spirits of the people in attendance.  This session allowed us to bring each person to be the spirit person they are!  This was not the usual session; it was our expression of what I know we can deliver beyond our core offering.  We would like to stress that we don’t call upon “Spirits” to do this work; we are connecting “you with your spirit”.  Your spirit is your life force; it is the part of you that is also part of God.

Before we began, we took time to ensure everyone was well grounded to prepare and guide everyone to “be spirit” allowing their own spirit to do the work for them.   We extended the session over time as everyone was very deep and being bathed in the beautiful Violet Flame of Saint Germaine.  WOW!!!  It was an amazing session with not one but three profound healings and many emotional releases.  This is powerful work and something we wish to continue with.

Ramon and Dorothy are planning a series of “Master Sessions” to allow us to continue to work with spirit, beyond the boundaries of our usual sessions.  These will be “invitation only, private sessions” and will not be listed as part of our weekly scheduled events.  We have highly qualified senior people presenting this session, Matt and Tom will support Dorothy as Ramon adds to the energy and protection during the session.  These sessions will be a very powerful experience requiring everyone who attends to be well grounded when finished.  Our plan is to hold these sessions at 5.30 pm on a Sunday afternoon with a small buffet provided in our training room afterwards giving everyone time to refuel and be fully grounded before leaving.  It will be nice to take some time after the session to chat and further explore the experiences of each person.  Master Sessions will be priced at $100 per person including food and drinks. 

If this is of interest to you we invite you to register your interest to attend a Master Session, invitations will follow from here.  

We have scheduled three dates for our next Master Sessions.

6.30 pm, Friday 17th of August 

6.30 pm, Friday 31st of August

6.30 pm, Friday 14th of September

Please Note; We require you to have attended a variety of our sessions prior to attending our Master Sessions.


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