Intention is the starting point of any dream, it is the creative power that fulfils our every need whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening or love!

For each belief we hold we can direct energy into that belief. . The amount of energy we can direct lies on a spectrum. At one end is zero energy meaning that we never choose to act on that belief and the belief remains in our psyche as pure potential. It is always there waiting for us to direct some energy into it. At the other end of the spectrum is where we put all of our available energy whenever life presents the opportunity to act on this belief.

The way we begin to direct energy into a dream, belief or idea is by setting your intent and the power to manifest these dreams, beliefs or ideas increase exponentially with each person holding that intent. For this reason we have created Intent specific sessions

Please keep an eye on our intent specific sessions for the session that will interest you… and feel free to contact us and request a specific intent session!