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Australia’s only accredited sound and vibration therapy, delivered in a dedicated sound chamber

We at Echoes believe that we all have the power to self heal, whether it is the release of past traumas or the vibrating at your higher self, we provide the space and conditions to allow that to happen.

Echoes has been delivering sound vibration therapy for over 10 years now and we provide a disciplined and structured delivery that works in conjunction with our purpose built sound chamber. We are proven and accredited.

In our first decade we have built our sound chamber, opened our doors to scrutiny and taken serious instruction and teaching from amazing teachers who have stepped forward to help us, these include our Aboriginal elders, scientists, physicists, nuclear physicists, psychologists, neuroscientists, and physicians. Most importantly we have been blessed with training and sharing of the amazing Martial Arts community who are so empowered by understanding of energy and how we channel this through our body. All this has bought us to write our training program which has been accredited by Training Accreditation Council of Western Australia. 

Echoes sound delivery is in the discipline of Martial Arts and our training is in accordance with this. Echoes staff train seriously through our accredited training from beginner to Cert IV before entering Diploma training; as well as learning the Martial Arts discipline and techniques that apply to our work.

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