Satori (Formerly Echoes)

Christmas Trading Hours

We will be closed from Sunday 23rd of December to Wednesday 2nd of January.

Please note; our office will be unattended during this period so any Gift Vouchers purchased, emails and phone messages will not be responded to until we return on Wednesday 2nd of January.  We apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause.

 Our Opening Hours are;

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Sound & Vibration Therapy Centre

Satori Sounds and Satori Training are  born! Satori Sounds and Satori Training have evolved from Echoes.  Echoes gave 11 years to research and development of our programs, we wrote a full training course up to Diploma level which was accredited by Training Accreditation Council of Western Australia and gained the status as a Provider of Complimentary Medicine.

Echoes closed on July 11 giving us two weeks to renovate and upgrade our shop and Sound Chamber.  We now have a fresh new look, a new training room, a new space for our Crystal Light Sound Bed and a much improved Sound Chamber.

Echoes bought back to present time “echoes of ancient wisdom”, as we now move into the future we have re-branded to be SATORI SOUNDS.

We at Satori Sounds believe that we all have the power to self heal, whether it is the release of past traumas or vibrating at your higher self, we provide the space and facilitate the process to allow this to occur.


Satori Sounds is a Sound & Vibrational Therapy Centre located in Canning Vale, Western Australia. It's the only such facility in Australia Accredited in the field of Complementary Medicine.

*Our promise to you: a safe, effortless sound & vibration therapy session that deeply relaxes your body, eases the mind and awakens your spirit...

At Satori Sounds we practice the Ancient Art of Sound and Vibration Therapy. Our principle instruments are Symphonic Gongs, played in an architecturally designed, dedicated, purpose-built and acoustically perfect Sound Chamber. We facilitate a process using heavy vibration instruments such as gongs, didgeridoo and crystal bowls. As we play these instruments, sound and vibration penetrates your body feeding a field of harmony into a field of disharmony, thus harmonizing your field. As we experience total and deep peace in body and mind, our spirit is allowed to soar, heal our bodies and return the mind to oneness. 

Gongs and didgeridoo are two of the oldest recorded instruments, they have been known traditionally to be used for ceremonial purposes, and healing. The gongs represent the East and Universal Energy that surrounds us all, the didgeridoo represents the West and Earth Energies. The gong has the broadest tone range of any instrument and a vast array of harmonics. In our dedicated Sound Chamber the sound and vibrations bounce off 8 winged panels creating 32 reflections and 32 refraction's from a single strike, bathing you in an immersive sound experience that quickly take you into a meditative state, even if you’ve never meditated before.

As we journey through this life we all have times of hurt, grief, sorrow and other pain. We store this within our body cells, our mind and on an energetic level. This can negatively impact us on a physical level causing dis-ease, often leading to disease within the body. We have physical experiences such as illness, injury, stress or surgery that also causes an imbalance to our vibration. At a spiritual level we carry our pain for much longer as we have forgotten how to heal our spirit. All these experiences affect us physically, mentally and spiritually, impacting how we vibrate, how we live and what we attract into our lives. 

At all times "spirit impacts physical" and in a place of deep peace we can relinquish control of our body and mind, improving wellness and quality of life. When our physical vibrations are out of balance, we need to re-tune them to aid in restoring balance, health, harmony and well being. All things vibrate to a specific resonance and our human vibration is no different as we are energetic beings. Physics tells us light and matter are energetic, vibrating at different frequencies. Solid objects vibrate at a low frequency, plants, animals, humans and light vibrate at higher frequencies. When we are in a state of imbalance our vibrations are lowered. 

We all know that music and sound influences our mood. It can help us to relax or excite us - that’s because one of the organs most obviously affected by sound is the brain. The effects of audible sound are more wide-ranging than what is caused by speech and music, it is proven to be of great benefit when used for its “therapeutic” value. Sound is a physical phenomenon, it travels through every medium, including our bodies, and it can alter the chemistry of our cells. Although we think of it traveling around us and entering through our ears; it permeates and impacts our whole body - our fluids, our organs, our bones and our cells.

You may already know some sounds exist above and below our hearing range such as a dog whistle. Whales and dolphins use sounds below our hearing range (infra-sound) to communicate over great distances and for navigation. The sounds that are known to be higher than our hearing range are ultrasound which is used for medical imaging, breaking up kidney stones and in some cases it’s used to destroy tumors without invasive surgery. Echoes Sound & Vibration Therapy Sessions are measured in the range of “Therapeutic Sound”.

*Human beings are wired for sound -  audible “vibration”. It’s the first sense to come alive in the foetus and is the last to go before we die.

Satori Sounds (Echoes) has been delivering Sound and Vibration therapy for over 10 years now, we provide a disciplined and structured delivery that works in conjunction with our purpose built Sound Chamber.   Satori Sounds is proven and Accredited. 

Come and experience a Satori Sound & Vibrational Therapy Session for yourself. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!

Many Blessings from Satori Sounds


**In our first decade we have built our Sound Chamber, opened our doors to scrutiny and taken serious instruction and teaching from amazing teachers who have stepped forward to help us, these include our Aboriginal elders, scientists, physicists, nuclear physicists, psychologists, neuroscientists, and physicians. We have been blessed with training and sharing of knowledge with the amazing Martial Arts community who are so empowered by the understanding of energy and how we channel this through our body. Echoes sound delivery is in the discipline of Martial Arts and our training is in accordance with this.  **Dorothy Coe

Echoes staff train in the Discipline of Martial Arts, from beginner to Black Belt, Master and beyond. Staff and trainees are ranked and graded throughout their training by accredited training assessors, Gong Master & Soke Dorothy Coe and Sensei Master Ramon Lawrence. 

If you are interested in Training in Sound & Vibration Therapy, please take a look at our Training page.