DidgeConnect Gift Voucher


DidgeConnect Gift Voucher


DidgeConnect takes the foundation of a Pure Gong session and interweaves didgeridoo. This session employs three gongs, three crystal singing bowls and didgeridoo throughout. Didgeridoo has a special place and purpose in our session, the combination of gongs and didgeridoo bring together the East and West with these two most ancient instruments, each of these instruments carry strong vibrations.  

The combined vibrations of gongs and didgeridoo add another dimension to your depth of peace; these are the sounds of the ancients employed by them to empower wellness. As you melt into the sounds of gongs and didgeridoo you will come to a perfect place of deep and timeless peace whilst the vibrations are carried to the deepest cellular level to cleanse and soothe every muscle organ and cell in the body whilst the didgeridoo calls your spirit soars!

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  • we are currently developing a new timetable to satisfy customer requests - Please note that we require a minimum of 7 people for the session to go ahead. If we don't reach 7 people we will offer a full refund or the option to reschedule to an alternative time
  • For a full refund cancellation must be made a full 48 hours prior to the session (For example if you have a ticket for 11:00 am session on Saturday you must notify us by 11:00 AM on Thursday for a full refund)
  • for 50% refund cancellation must be made a full 24 hours prior to the session
  • Our refund policy is 100% refund if cancelled is receive